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A list of category definitions can be found here.


Doula: A birth doula provides uninterrupted emotional, physical, and informational support throughout labor. She helps the client develop a birth plan and meets with the birth team before labor. During labor, she provides support at home and/or in the hospital until a few hours after baby is born.

A postpartum doula comes to your home after the baby is born to support the new mom and new family. She can do light housework, cooking, and errands, watch the baby while the client takes care of herself, and assist with breastfeeding. Postpartum doulas are trained to assess for signs of postpartum depression.


Montrice: A montrice provides the continuous emotional, physical, and emotional support during labor that a doula would provide. She is also trained to provide clinical assessments of maternal and fetal wellbeing before going to the hospital. A montrice is very helpful if a client plans to labor at home for a while before going to the hospital.

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