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One of the easiest ways to be a Birth Advocate is to become a Member of SELABN. Membership in our organization connects you to birth professionals and other advocates who are seeking to improve birth locally and nationally. Birth Professionals who join as members will be included in the BirthNetwork National online provider directory as well as in the local SELABN online and print directories.  Parents and others in the community who believe in our mission and benefit from our services can join as a Birth Advocate to show their support for the work we are doing.

SELABN is a non-profit organization that depends on memberships and the hard work of our volunteers to fulfill its mission. Please join us as we work to improve maternity care. All memberships and contributions to SELABN are tax-deductible under IRS Section 501(c) 3. Fifty-sixty percent of your membership fee (depending on the type of membership) supports local SELABN programs and the remainder supports BirthNetwork National programs.

About Our Work

SELABN, as a chapter of BirthNetwork National, is part of a grassroots movement based on the belief that birth can profoundly affect our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. SELABN advocates Mother-Friendly care, as defined by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services' Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI).  By making informed choices and having confidence in the process, families can experience safe and satisfying childbirth.

3 Easy Steps to Membership

1. Choose your Membership Level.
  • Birth Advocates - Parents & community members passionate about birth.
  • Individual Professionals - Individuals providing mother friendly services.
  • Group Professionals - Businesses with more than one professional providing mother-friendly services.
2. Read and endorse the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative.

3. Fill out our Member Application.
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